How can you be more productive at work? Sep06


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How can you be more productive at work?

Many of us work long hours and time never seems to be enough. Too many unscheduled meetings or tasks that prevent you from doing your own work. There is hardly any time for yourself to spare to develop new items for your work or develop new skills.

We need to reexamine our daily work habits and embrace new ones to be more productive and fulfilling at work. There are a few strategies that you can adopt to be more productive and achieve more results.

You need to start caring about results and do not get drawn into long processes. Feeling busy and achieving results are different. You will need to prioritize and spend more time on important tasks to get results.

Perhaps you can consider adopting the following  5 habits to stay productive


Prioritize and do not multi task.

Stay focus on a main task for the day and 2 other tasks that you have allocated. Do not pack yourself with too many tasks, thinking that you are able to multi task. You will not be able to commit 100% to each task which will deprive you of the results you have aimed for.


Break your task into micro jobs.

If you work on a task that is too big, you will only get clogged up and slowed down. Breaking it down into more manageable pieces, you’ll find that you will be able to finish the task a lot faster and meet the results that you have aimed for.


Start with the important task at hand

Stay focus on the hardest and most important task at hand. That is the only way that it will be done. By working on the hardest task, it will be done without worries due to the lack of time or unexpected reasons. This way you stay focus on the results and become more productive instead of worrying.


Have an agenda for all meetings

As mentioned, stay focused on the results. Having an agenda for meetings provides you a checklist to ensure that the meeting stays focused and you achieved your desired goals.


Take control of your communication devices.

Limit your time that you spend on your email or text messages. These are distraction keeping you from achieving your targeted results. Set aside break times thrice daily for you to reply to emails or messages. You will be in control and ensure that you have the time and space to attain your goals.

Having good daily work habits and staying focus on the results will allow you to be more productive. You want to be able to achieve your fullest potential and so start by having good daily habits to do so. Stay in tune with ManpowerKu HRTalks to read more articles that aid you in fulfilling your fullest potential in your career.