Employment Trend in Singapore 2008 – 2011 Sep21


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Employment Trend in Singapore 2008 – 2011

As we head into the last quarter of 2012, Singapore have experienced a healthy employment trend for the year so far in various industries. Before heading into the last quarter, lets take a look at the part years employment figures, 2008 to 2011 to have a sense of the road ahead.


For Accommodation and food services sector, there is a small increase in demand in 2009, together with an overall a steady increase in employment demand. The business services sector is experiencing a more rapid growth in employment through the years with a sharp increase of 169.53% in employment since 2008.


The construction industry experience a slower employment growth between 2009-2010 but there is still  a high demand for people in this industry. There is a similar growth rate for the Financial Services sector in 20090 as well but the sector had a rapid growth in employment from 2010.


Even thought not much increase in demand in 2009 for the Information and Communication sector, the employment growth rates increases with the economy rebound in 2010 with an overall steady increase in employment demand. A retrenchment period started in 2009 for manufacturing, but is now decrease employment at a slower rate .


The transportation and storage sector face a decline in unemployment in 2009 and increased in employment after 2009 but had an overall a high demand for employment in this industry. A steady increase in employment demand in the wholesale and retail sector with a peak of 52,000 in 2011.

Source: Ministry of Manpower